Army Tents: Recycled History

Rugged & Raw

These are some words you might use to describe the look of some of our pieces, created at our very own workshop in Tel-Aviv. But what gives them that look?


For a long time we've incorporated recycled materials into our designs, and part of the rustic-worn look comes from recycled military tents.

 Historically, military tents were constructed from cotton canvas for the material's durability, ability to repel water (when treated), and insulation the fibers provided. Nowadays most military tents use nylon fabric due to its lightweight nature, abrasion resistance, and ability to resist mildew and UV damage. 


     We look for the tents that have been best preserved, where the fabric is strong and undamaged. Often times these tents have been through many cycles of exposure to the sun, dirt, and washing, which results in crinkles, brushed fibers, color splotching, and other indicators of the adventures they've been through. This gives our creations a sort of non-uniform coloring that is intentionally selected for.

     These tents often have metal grommets, ropes, patches, reinforced areas with stitching, signs of repair and wear an tear which are used later as design elements in our work. 


      In our most recent collection, we incorporate not only tents, but also stretchers and other various textiles into a series of high quality products. With a new life breathed into them, our products carry the original spirit onwards, and just like their previous form, will take on a new life accumulating stories and experiences that will last for years.